Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 Week checkup

We went in for the 7 week checkup on Monday. It was actually the 51 day checkup (you'll see why that's important in a moment.

The nurse took all his vitals and here's the run-down:
head circumference: 38.5 cm
height: 22 inches
weight: 10 lbs. 2 oz.

That's a lifetime average of one ounce per day. Wow!

After the weighing and measuring, Dr. Hamdani admired our Yuri's muscle tone and pronounced him 'delicious'. She also told us that we're perfect parents, leaving us to wonder about all of her other patients...
(Sadie's favourite: Yuri's howler monkey face)

After getting all of his booster shots, Yuri promptly turned bright red like a lobster, then fell asleep in his Papa's arms.


  1. Hey! She also tells us we're perfect parents! Hmmmm.

  2. What a perfect baby! I really want to nibble on those adorable little toes.